Friday, December 21, 2012

Despite Media focus on Guns, Americans have other ideas for dealing w/ school shootings

 Protestors interrupt NRA president Wayne LaPierre today during a press conference addressing the Newtown, CT shootings. (Credit: Getty)

In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut massacre, Gallup has some interesting poll findings. Despite a media that has been all-gun control, all-the-time since the tragic December 14th shooting, the American public apparently thinks there are better ways to respond:

While 53% view increasing the police presence at schools as a "very effective" way of preventing school shootings, only 42% feel the same about a ban on the sale of assault and semi automatic guns. Also, 12% view adding more police at schools as NOT effective, while 36% say it would NOT be effective to ban automatic and semi-automatic guns (nearly as many who say it would be).

In fact, Americans view more police at schools, increased mental health screening, AND decreasing violence on TV as MORE EFFECTIVE methods of reducing school shootings than banning automatic guns, by a somewhat significant margin.

So you almost have to ask: why all the media focus on guns, gun-control, the NRA, assault-weapons bans, etc? The public seems to have a different diagnosis of the problem, while the media seems to be driving an agenda. No surprises here.

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