Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Democracy Corps and ABC/WaPo Confirm Obama's Numbers Are Falling

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Since yesterday's post rounding up Barack Obama's job approval ratings post-reelection, two reputable organizations have released new surveys that reinforce the evidence that Obama's approvals are dropping.

Earlier today, ABC/Washington Post released a poll showing that the President has lost a net 10 points on his job approval rating since just before his inauguration in January. Then, 55% of American adults APPROVED of the job the President was doing, while just 41% disapproved. Two months later, the number approving of his job performance has dropped 5 points, while the number disapproving jumps 5 points (50/46). 

Just now, Democracy Corps (a reputable Democratic polling firm), released a poll showing Obama underwater with likely voters, with 48% approving of his job performance, and 49% disapproving. In January, he had a strong 54% approval rating, with just 44% disapproving. That's a net 11 point drop for the President in two months. Below is an updated chart (originally posted here) of the President's job approval rating since the sequester took effect. 

Where is Obama's drop in support stemming from? In the ABC/Washington Post poll, it's coming from Independents. Independents approved of the President's job performance by a 54/41% margin in January, whereas today they DISAPPROVE of his performance, 44/50%. That's a 19 point turnaround in just two months. Republicans also saw a net 12 point increase in their disapproval of the President's job performance. In terms of ideological identification and gender, his drop in support was uniform across Liberals, Moderates, Conservatives, men, and women.

Just one further illustration of the drop in Obama's approval rating, and the rise in his disapprovals:

The line graph document's the President's WEEKLY job approval/disapproval rating since the week ending November 18th, 2012. As of the week ending March 10th, his average weekly job approval rating was 49/47%, down from a peak of 55/42% the week ending December 30th.

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